white christmas

snowy tree, harrogatetrees are among my favourite subjects for photos as they’re large and don’t move very fast.” –nick law

When I woke up this morning it was snowing in Harrogate, a light, fluffy snow that clung to the trees and smoothed over the older snow with a fresh coat of white.  I sat with my tea and blueberry coffee cake and watched the snow fall outside the kitchen window.  Later, after breakfast and several cups of tea, we walked into town to do the shopping for dinner.  We stopped at a green grocer and filled our bags with onions and potatoes and peppers and carrots and celery and tomatoes and mushrooms and free-range eggs.  Then we visited the cheese shop where I am afraid to say we showed no restraint at all.  Some of the cheese was purposeful cheese, it will be used for the spinach pie tomorrow and for the salad, but most of our cheese purchases were complete impulse buys.  I consider myself very strong for not leaving the store with the beautiful slate cheese board I spent some time admiring.  Of course, when one has several chunks of fancy cheese one must then acquire fancy crackers to enjoy it with.  So off we went to the local fancy food store, where we bought locally made potato chips flavored with balsamic vinegar and sea salt, some bread, some sparkling water, lots of spinach for the pie,  romaine for the salad, and some juices for me.   Our bags were full so we headed home, sliding a bit on the slushy pavement, past the accordian players playing Christmas carols, through the small park.

Later we went out again in search of crackers and olives and beer, and still later, after dinner, we walked through the town looking at the holiday lights, stepping out of the way of laughing people coming out of pubs (doing a cracking business on Christmas Eve), and talking of what we would do in coming days.


~ by gun street girl on December 24, 2009.

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