broken stones

orange offering, bolton abbeyToday we visited Bolton Abbey, an old ruined priory not too very far from Harrogate.  Although we hit some scary-ish weather coming over the mountains, it ended up being a lovely day.  The sun alternated between shining and going behind clouds.  It was warmer than I thought it would be and the snow is beginning to melt some.  It still blankets the ground though, and it is still difficult to take photos that don’t have snow in them.

Bolton Priory is fairly unusual in that only half of the church is ruined.  During the time that Henry VIII was dissolving the monasteries, the prior at the church had a wall built that separated the nave from the rest of the church.  The church was fairly neatly divided in half.  He then petitioned the king for the preservation of the church, claiming the nave was the local parish church.  This petition was honored and when the commissioners came they removed only the lead from the roof over the other half of the church.  (This was how they “dismantled” many of the churches…by removing the valuable lead from the roof and the glass from the windows.  Once the elements could get in, it was only a matter of time.)  This small remnant of a once fine priory has held services continuously for 850 years.

Lighting for photography is interesting here.  The days are fairly short; the sun sets by 4:30 or so every day.  There are only a couple of hours in the day when the sun is anywhere close to overhead, so for much of the day, I am effectively shooting in early morning or late afternoon light.  Sometimes it is dramatic, and sometimes it just doesn’t work.

The photo is of some sort of offering in the church itself.  It is an orange, wrapped with a strip of red paper, with small pieces of dried fruit stuck on toothpicks and then stuck into the orange.  The meaning of this offering is obscure to me.


~ by gun street girl on December 26, 2009.

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