ringing in the new year

fireworks over harrogate, new year 2010It started snowing around 9 pm.  We got home from the movie (Sherlock Holmes…) and were making dinner when we looked out the kitchen window and noticed the big flakes swirling down past the lights on the building next door.  It was falling fast; the sidewalks, street, and cars were already covered with a layer of fresh white.  Enormous flakes drifted past the window and we chatted briefly about our likely to change plans for tomorrow (today now).  We made our dinner: cheese and olives from the cheese shop, bread from the bakery in Knaresborough, fancy crackers, and apples, pears, and grapes from Marks & Spencer, and lemon meringue pie, also from the bakery in Knaresborough.  We made hot chocolate and ate and watched the snow.

At midnight, all the church bells rang.  We opened the windows to hear them and the cold came in and also a bit of snow.  Fireworks bloomed over downtown.  We used up the rest of our christmas crackers and went to bed wearing our silly hats.


~ by gun street girl on December 31, 2009.

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