scenes on a new year’s day

Today was a quiet day.  Most things in town were closed.  The BBC and both promised all day that snowy, sleety, cold icy death would rain on us from the sky any moment now.  So all the signs and portents were in place for a warm cozy stay-at-home kind of day.  We had scones for breakfast.   I got a character up to level 15 in Lord of the Rings Online.   I snacked on bread and cheese for lunch.  About 3pm I got dressed up, grabbed my camera, and went out to take some pictures of Harrogate on New Year’s day.  A few of them are above.  From left to right:

The scones we had for breakfast.  These are from Betty’s, a very famous tea house here in Harrogate

Quid  helps do laundry

Winter branches and the late afternoon sky

Old road marker in The Stray

The long promised snow finally begins to fall

~ by gun street girl on January 1, 2010.

One Response to “scenes on a new year’s day”

  1. thx for sharing the photos in such good resolution 🙂
    I like that old road marker

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