the new ice age

walking through york at nightWe rode the train to York today.  The train stations here are very cold.   We visited Clifford Tower.  It was very cold.  I had a bit of a bout of vertigo up on the walls.  We walked around the Shambles and I bought some art.  We went to York Minster and climbed the 275 steps to the top of the bell tower.  It was cold up there but the views were awesome.  This is a beautiful (and enormous) early gothic cathedral with incredible stained glass, fabulous examples of medieval stone work, and a history going back to the Roman occupation of Britain (the cathedral sits on top of the ruins of a Roman basilica).  We roamed around it happily for hours.

When we left York Minster it was dark and it was snowing lightly.  A new blanket of snow covered the walks but it was already turning slick from foot traffic.   (The photo is my friends walking ahead of me through a snowy Petergate on our way to dinner.)  We dived into Plunkett’s for a delicious, warm, cheesy dinner (and a couple of Black Sheep ales) and then walked back to the train station for the ride home.

When we arrived in Harrogate it had obviously snowed quite a bit more than it had in York.  More snow is forecast.  I am beginning to worry (but not much) about getting home, which happens in a couple of days.  The weather outside, it appears, is frightful all over.

It wouldn’t suck too terribly bad to be stuck in England for awhile.


~ by gun street girl on January 2, 2010.

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