wrapping up

betty's tea room, harrogateToday was a quiet day.  We all slept in.  It snowed again last night and just for good measure snowed again this morning.  Eventually we decided to go up to Betty’s, a famous local tea house, for some lunch.  We had tea and scones and fruit tarts and just about every good thing.  On our way home we stopped in some shops to do some errands.  My friends needed food and I needed to get a carry-on bag.   (Thanks to some nut, I will only be allowed one carry on item when I fly tomorow. And I am not checking either my laptop or my camera gear.)  Then it was back to the flat for some more laying around playing video games while we thought about what we wanted to do for dinner.  We ended up going out for Thai food at a very nice, but very loud, restaurant around the corner.  Then I packeed up what I could (a bunch of stuff will need to be shipped home) and then more video games.

Now I am trying to get to sleep and not fret too much about traveling tomorrow.  The weather is bad all over, the airport security situation is perturbing, and i don’t like to fly in the best of circumstances.  I honestly wouldn’t mind getting stuck here til spring…


~ by gun street girl on January 3, 2010.

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