on the way

heathrow airport, londonI’m sitting in Heathrow, enjoying cheap wi-fi (not as good as free, but better than nothing), and having a pot of tea.  My flight doesn’t leave for an hour and a half or so and I got here with three hours to spare (figured security might be a challenge; it wasn’t) so I’ve been wandering around the duty free shops.   I bought a couple of books that were on sale in the bookshop, both authors I enjoy and both not yet available in the U.S.  Woot!  Then I stopped into one of the restaurants for a pot of liquid warmth.  I won’t actually know my gate number until about an hour before my plane leaves, so I’m just taking advantage of the full strength wi-fi signal and a fully charged laptop battery to send a few emails, write a couple of posts, and catch up on my Kingdom of Loathing turns.   If I can find an outlet I might start the long process of captioning my photos on smugmug.  When they are up, I will let you know.

This pretty much wraps up my trip to England.  Next time I update I’ll be home, going through the thousand or so pictures I took.  Not to worry, I’m not planning on posting them all!  I’d like to take a few more in the airport to wrap up the photojourney…er journal (that was my original typo, but I like it!).  I’m already starting to think of where I might go next.  Japan sounds good…


(posted from heathrow airport, london, UK, at 11:48 am local time.  photo courtesy of the Guardian UK)

~ by gun street girl on January 4, 2010.

One Response to “on the way”

  1. Never had to go through Heathrow, but I am sure it is a great people watching spot. Have a safe flight.

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