snow and beer and abalone

sam adams boston lager“Charlie’s wife goes down
To the Scollay Square station
Every day at quarter past two
And through the open window
She hands Charlie a sandwich
As the train comes rumblin’ through.”
(Charlie on the MTA)

True fact:  The subway cards are called CharlieCards.  Officially.  On the farecard machines.  That cracks me up.

When I woke up yesterday morning it was snowing here in Boston and it kept it up most of the day.  Accordingly, I decided to do “indoor things”.  This ended up being hopping on the T and heading down to Jamaica Plain for a visit to The Boston Beer Company, home of Samuel Adams beer.   They do a very nice, very short tour.  It’s short because the brewery is very small.  They make most of their beer at two other sites in Ohio and Pennsylvania; the original brewery in Boston is now basically their test kitchen and the place they make their very limited edition beers.   After a brief discussion of how beer is made and the history of the company and building (an old brewery site), you get to taste a few kinds of beer.  And you get to keep your tasting glass.  It was fun.  I bought a couple of bottles of limited edition beer and headed back to the T.

It was snowing pretty heavily when I got back to my hotel but I was hungry so I headed over to Chinatown.    Like the North End, it is one delicious-smelling restaurant after another, so I just picked one and went in.  It turned out to be a lucky choice.  They had abalone on the menu.  And it proved to be delicious.  The lo mean and salted squid was also delicious (I’m eating the lo mein for breakfast as I type) and they made a decent mai tai.  I roamed around Chinatown for a bit in the snow.  It was pretty.  Eventually I got cold and headed on back to the hotel.

A short day but a good one!


~ by gun street girl on February 17, 2010.

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