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dancing robotLet me be clear about something.  I love my Macbook ProLove it.  I bought it about two years ago when I started teleworking.  I opted for the big one, which is unusual for me; I usually can’t bring myself to pay for the top of the line anything so I compromise with something in the middle.  Not this time.   Work wasn’t paying for it but I intended to be spending a lot of time it so it needed to be something I wanted to spend a lot of time on.

It’s been a good friend.  I work on it, sure.  I play on it too.  I lugged it to England and Boston and Georgia.   I’ve sat in airports and trains and my backyard, connected to the internet, typing happily away.  I’ve used it to update photos, and FB, and this blog.  I IM on it and Skype on it.   I game on it.  I watch movies on it, either on DVD or online.  I browse on while I eat.   I’ve fallen asleep with it.

The other day Apple sent me a personal invitation to preorder the “magical and revolutionary” (heh)  iPad.    And I admit it.   I’m tempted.

I love my powerbook.  I really do.  But as I realized after traveling with it for 18 hours on my way to England, it is heavy.  And it is large.  Unwieldy even.  Once I get it where it is going, it’s fabulous.  In Boston, I just left it in plugged into the powerstrip on the desk in my hotel room.  In England I hooked up in my friends’ guestroom.  In Georgia I carried it around my friends’ house, even out onto the porch, where I could browse surrounded by south Georgia coastal loveliness and cats.  I have loved having it with me when I travel.  I’ve loved being able to do daily updates of my photo journals so people can see where I am and what I’m doing.  I’ve loved being able to google info on sites and directions and restaurants and whatnot.

In these days though where airlines want everyone to carry as little as possible, where carrying as little as possible makes your life so much easier when you travel, especially when you are moving between planes and buses and trains and taxis and schlepping your own stuff, having a big heavy laptop is not awesome.  Carrying a big laptop in its case and your camera gear in its case is not awesome.  What I need is a way to carry both at the same time in some easy to deal with bag.  Now, I have a nice backpack and the laptop and camera gear will both fit into it, although maneuvering the laptop out of it and out of its sleeve to go on an airport scanner will be kind of a pain.  But this doesn’t address the weight and unwieldiness issue.  When I go to Japan I will be lugging my own luggage everywhere for two weeks and I really want my gear to be manageable.  And yes, I do want to be able to connect and photojournal while I am there.  Because that is just so damn cool.

So now comes the iPad.  On the face of it, it’s nearly perfect.  It doesn’t have a camera and it doesn’t do Flash but it’s small and light and sleek and beautiful.  It does both wireless and 3G (and for once AT&T isn’t going to lock users into some long-term 3G commitment).   I’ll finally be able to play around in the iPhone app store like all my friends do.   I’ll be able to FB from work (which may not be such a great idea, lol).   It has a book reader which might be nice when I travel, provided books are available that I want to read (and I can tolerate the backlit display…why they don’t use e-ink is beyond me).   If there’s no wi-fi (which I’m told isn’t all that common in Japan) I can still get online wherever there is 3G.  I’ll be able to upload pictures to it and theoretically at least I should be able to update blogs and FB and smugmug (the Flash incompatibility makes me unsure what will work and what will not).  For an Apple product it’s relatively inexpensive although its not really cheap compared to other netbooks and tablet PCs and I’ll need about $100 of accessories to make it do things I need it to do.  But Stephen Fry (who I just love the hell out of) makes it sound better than sex, and if nothing else it is small enough I can tuck it into a shoulder bag, along with my camera gear, a sketch book, and a few other things as well and carry it everywhere.

I’ve spent much of the day looking at other options, but there isn’t anything out there that I can find that does everything I want and so I keep coming back to the iPad.  It’s so sexy.  Maybe I’ll get the baby-sized one (with 3G) so I can be an early adopter without spending too much in case it’s not all that and I have to find some other solution.  Or at the very least so I can feel OK about upgrading as soon as one with a camera comes out.

We’ll see…I just can’t decide.


~ by gun street girl on March 15, 2010.

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