raccoon street blues

lanterns, sensoji temple5 am in Tokyo and it’s raining.  Senso-ji is wreathed in mist; the world is grey except for the temple’s bright red and green and gold facade.  No people on the street yet.  Still too early for that.  The rain makes a gentle sound against the window.  It’s not looking like a good day for our  day for a trip up the Sumida River by boat….

I’m taller than almost everyone here.  Tokyo is one of the cleanest big cities I have ever seen. My hotel room is clean and comfortable and pleasant and not much bigger than a bento box.  There is food everywhere and everything smells good.   At night Senso-ji temple is almost deserted and you can watch people climb the steps, put money in the box, and make a brief prayer.  There is a street around the corner from my hotel that is lined with raccoons.   I had edamame and omelet and tofu and miso and every good  thing for dinner and then drank beer all night and had sashimi at midnight.  My cousin tried to scare me with some local fermented bean thing but it turned out to be pretty good.  Everything is colorful and bright and covered with cartoons.  Pachinko rooms advertise with anime characters.  Outside my hotel room is a drink machine that sells beer.  Cigarette machines are everywhere but I haven’t (so far) seen many people smoking.  The toilets are very fancy, warmed seats, push button controls for various strategic jets of water…

I was going to walk over to the temple before breakfast, but it’s still raining.  Apparently we are having a typhoon today.  I’m not too stressed by that.  Rain means lighter crowds.   And I have a new bright yellow raincoat.

~ by gun street girl on October 29, 2010.

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