crap i have watched recently #1

roll no rocksJust kind of a brief retrospective of stuff I’ve watched recently that doesn’t really merit a full-on overly wordy exposition…

Night at the Museum 2: Battle for the Smithsonian. This is the sequel to Night at the Museum and it was better than I thought it would be.  I am not the biggest fan of Ben Stiller but he does OK in both of these films, probably because his only real job is to sit back and let the dioramas, dinosaur bones, and monkeys run the show.  He reprises his role as security guard Larry Daley.   Robin Williams has settled comfortably into his maturity and is back as Teddy Roosevelt, who he plays as a blustering sweetheart.  The only real disappointment was Amy Adams.  I’ve always enjoyed her perky can-do romanticism but she just doesn’t work as Amelia Earhart.

(On a side note, I will never forgive the makers of the first NatM for putting a new world primate in an exhibit of African monkeys.  Never.)

Score:  Meh.

Run Fat Boy Run:  This movie is wretched.  There is absolutely nothing good I can think of to say about it, except that Thandie Newton is uncannily beautiful and apparently makes good cupcakes.  It is completely outside of rational belief that she’d even look twice at a complete loser like Simon Pegg‘s character.  He’s not even a lovable loser.  The movie is not funny, it is not uplifting, it is not dramatic.  It is just painful to watch from depressing start to cliched finish.   This made me very sad, since I flat out adored Shaun of the Dead and even thought Pegg’s casting as a young Scottie in Star Trek was a pretty good idea.  This movie though…it misses in every way possible.

(In retrospect, watching a movie about a guy named Dennis who can’t finish anything he starts might have biased me…just a little.  Honestly, that shit is not funny.)

Score:  Epic Fail, but still not as bad as Attack of the Clones.

Artois the Goat:  A fluffy little film about a man who finds his dream making artisanal goat cheese in the Texas hill country.   It’s cute, it’s silly, it’s romantic, it has a french-speaking goat named Artois, and there’s not much else to say about it.  If you like quirky indie films about people finding their dreams in unlikely places (and I do) you’ll like this movie.  Stephen Taylor Fry as the paranoid procurer of specialty (and possibly not legal) fancy unpasteurized goat cheeses is a standout and the movie benefits from occasional Julie & Julia-style narration from the work of a fictional 1940’s mistress of French goat cheese.   When it’s over you will really want a plate of good cheese.  No lie.

Score:  Meh.

Cataclysm cinematic:  Yeah, I play WoW.  We are now about two weeks away from the Cataclysm expansion and probably less than the 24 hours away from The Shattering, the event that will change the world of Azeroth forever and not in pleasant ways.    As usual, Blizzard has created a compelling introductory cinematic (I swear to god, they should just make a damn movie…) that I’ve watched over and over just because it’s that good.  I’ve also recently rewatched the original cimematic, the Burning Crusade cinematic, and even the WotLK cinematic, although I am just about fed up to here with Arthas.

Oh yes, Deathwing is coming.  And is is really upset.  Remember kids, don’t stand in the fire.

Score:  W00t!

Best.Concert.Ever:  I am not the biggest fast of concert DVDs.  I rarely watch them and when I do I am usually pretty disappointed.  The one exception to this so far has been Led Zeppelin‘s DVD (f’in amazing, btw).  Well, up to now at least.  A bit ago I bought Jonathan Coulton’s Best.Concert.Ever (and it is) and just recently got around to watching the DVD of the show.  It’s pretty damn good.  It probably helps that the show was held in a fairly small venue and so it’s not one of those bloated rock shows (I’m lookin’ at you, U2) that usually end up on these videos.  Coulton is popular among a certain set but isn’t so widely known that I have absolutely no chance whatsoever of ever seeing him in an intimate setting like this so it really was just like seeing him in concert.   The DVD is really well put together and well, Coulton is brilliant in his own way.  Along with the usual crowd-pleasers (this, this, this, and oh yes this) he also manages to turn Baby Got Back into a tender love ballad.    Well worth the price of admission.  Buy it.

(an extra big shout out here to Spiffworld whose machinima videos turned me on to JoCo in the first place. )

Score:  W00t!

(To be continued.  Because, you know, I watch a lot of crap)


~ by gun street girl on November 22, 2010.

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