things i watched at otakon #5

dr who cosplayersAnother Otakon has come and gone and I’m sitting here sore, tired, and happy.   Every year I entertain doubts about going and every year once I am there, in the thick of it, I can’t imaging being anyplace else.   The fundamental things don’t change.  The badge lines are endless and epic, the escalators are randomly “off limits”  (why?), the dealers’ room is too hot, the panel rooms are too cold, the hallways are too narrow, the convention center is one giant clusterfark of dead ends and confusion, event staff are pervasive and endlessly patient, the food at the kiosks is surprisingly good (if a bit expensive), ice cold water is still only one dollar, and everyone seems to be having a good time.

Things tend to ebb and flow.  There are always lots of Doctors but this year there were less Elevens and more Fours, Sixes, and Sevens.  There were a handful of weeping angels (conventions must be hell on things that can’t move when people look at them), fewer TARDISes, and more Daleks, some of them just too adorable.  Believe me, when a five year old points her plunger at you, shrieks “EXTERMINATE!” and then dissolves into giggles, it’s really hard to hate all the Daleks.   There weren’t so many Sherlocks this year but there was a surfeit of Deadpools and Dantes.  Mario and Luigi and the Power Rangers have enduring appeal but the Joker and Harley Quinn are giving them a run for their money.  The Avengers seems to have faded a bit; I saw only one Loki and no Ironmen or Captains America.  There was, however, a Thor that was the spitting image of Chris Hemsworth.  I saw a lot more Pokemon and not very many Ponies.  Sword Art Online was big and there were more Jack Frosts and Vanellope von Schweetzes than the movies probably warranted.  I was surprised to see no Game of Thrones cosplay; I figured that Daeneryses would be coming out of the walls.  It struck me this year how little of the cosplay I recognized and I’ve vowed to do some catching up.

So, with no further ado…buckle in, watch for SPOILERS, and read up on what I watched at Otakon this year!


kenshin and kaoruPanel:  Real Life of a Mangaka: Rurouni Kenshin; guest: Kaoru Kurosaki:  It was a big year for my favorite wandering swordsman.  Otakon screened the East coast premier of the live-action film which I skipped because I’ve already seen it six times and the line was hella long.  I did not, however, skip the panel led by Kaoru Kurosaki, the wife of Ruruoni Kenshin creator and mangaka Nobuhiro Watsuki.  This was the only panel I attended this year and it was totally a winner.  Kaoru-san was beautiful and gracious and full of good humor.  She brought with her a slide presentation about the creation of Ruruoni Kenshin, some fun quotations from Watsuki-sensei’s colleagues, a description of the grueling work schedule of a mangaka, and even a few secrets for us (my lips are sealed!).  Even better, she brought along with her some of the original artwork and storyboards for Ruruoni Kenshin, Gun Blaze West, Buso Renkin, and some of Watsuki-sensei’s earlier works for an art exhibit down in Artists Alley.   There were beautiful full color original cover artworks, inked panels, hand sketches, and even an original drawing for the convention that was later auctioned off at the charity auction.  Also included were the panels in both English and Japanese for the Ruruoni Kenshin reboot Ruruoni Kenshin Restoration (which of course was a key find in the dealers’ room this year).  Even the audience questions were good and interesting and I stayed for the whole thing.

I don’t know if all this had anything to do with it, but there was a noticeable uptick in Ruruoni Kenshin cosplay this year and this made me happy all the way to my toes.

Score:  W00t!


link with trumpetDaily Lives of High School Boys:  Christ on a pogo stick but this show is teh funny.  No lie.  Last year I watched a brief excerpt of this as part of a panel and absolutely loved it.  Otakon screened episodes 1-4 this year and I watched the first two.  The show is about three friends who attend a boys school together.  As the title suggests, the anime is more or less about their daily lives which hilariously involve cross-dressing, imaginative role-play, telling the lamest ghost stories ever, and trying to keep out of the way of their powerful sisters.  Linear story telling is dispensed with entirely; each episode consists of several five minute long independent vignettes showing the boys’ various misadventures.  At least in the first two episodes there is no hint of a plot although there are a handful of continuing characters and events among the episodes (Literature Girl and the mysterious wind, for example).  That’s the only real issue I can find with it, once I come up for air after laughing so hard I get dizzy.   Wikipedia tells me there are 12 full episodes of the show, each with up to nine short stories.  I’m not really sure how any show can sustain this kind of humor for that long but I’m willing to give it a try.  What I’ve seen so far is fabulous.

Score:  W00t!


deadpoolEureka 7: AO:  Due to circumstances beyond my control (mostly involving getting lost in the BCC again) I came in a bit late to this one so I am not completely sure how it started.  From what I saw of it though, it seems a pretty straight up mecha anime.  Ao is a young teenaged boy whose mother is apparently dead (or otherwise gone from his life); all I gathered about her is that she had blue hair which she dyed and she was a mecha pilot.  Her son has brown hair until…something…happens and his hair turns blue too.  At about the same time he manages to activate his mother’s old mecha which had lain dormant and unresponsive to all attempts to power it up since her death/disappearance.  He learns how to drive the mecha and successfully fights a monster attacking his home island and also manages to elude the local security forces and hide the damaged mecha in a cave.  There is a shy and quiet girl who trusts him and he shows her the mecha.  There’s a trio of cute girl pilots who help him in the battle.   And that’s all there is to it.  Oh…wait…the mecha flies through the air on what looks like a surfboard.  How could I forget that?

It seems harmless enough but not really compelling.  MIght check it out further, might not.

Score:  Meh.

to be continued…

gameboy pokemon


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  1. I just noticed your Kaoru and Kenshin cosplayer picture is me and my friend. I was googling pics to see some ideas for maybe doing her kimono and noticed us and i totally agree about the Kenshin movie and panel. We had those costumes the year before that, and loved them, so we wore them again, especially after hearing the movie would be premiering 🙂

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