review rating system

From time to time I might write a review of a movie or book or whatever.  I’m not a complicated person so my rating system is also very simple.  It goes like this:

W00t!:  This movie/book/show is awesome.  I loved it. Or at least I liked it.  Things in this category:  Pride and Prejudice (book and the AE series), Spirited Away, Raising Arizona,  Use of Weapons, The Worm Ouroborus

Meh:  It didn’t offend me.  Much.   The good things somewhat redeemed the bad things or vice versa.   Possibly this was something I expected better of and was somewhat disappointed or something I didn’t expect much of and was surprised by but not enough to bump it up to Woot! or down to Fail.   Things in this category:   Farscape, Firefly/Serenity, Fevre Dream, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Fail.:  This thing sucked.  Everyone involved in it should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and I expect an apology for whatever amount of my life I wasted on it.  Things in this category: Magnolia, Attack of the Clones, The DaVinci Code (book)

Rating system for re-reads:

Feels like the first time:  Just as good as I remember it, if not better.  Yay!

You can’t go home again:  Just not the same.  Sad face.

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